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Ipad Pro & streamlining your work flow

Posted by mike on January 24, 2018 at 7:20 PM

  I have owned my Ipad Pro for a little under a year now and am impressed with its capabilities and with some helpful apps like Pro Create, streamlining the menatonous task of bring a clients concept to fruition has become less chore like. The Ipad has come along way since I purchased iPAD2 years back and quickly abandoned due to lack of practical applicabilities for a tattoo artist, but the pro is definitely an asset and has redeemed itself with me. A Necessary tool for busy artist, no losing or misplacing drawings, everything is all in one place no matter how many pages, lightweight and portable.

  I was so close to purchasing a touch face system like Wacom, but mobility was essential and for the investment the necessity to be tethered to a desktop defeats being mobile and ultimately kept me from pullin the trigger on that type of digital essential. Ipad pro will put a serious dent in those companies bottom line, especially since Clip Studio for Ipad has hit the streets and all those capabilities of professional quality digital graphics and design for half the price,and cheaper, depending on which set up you compare it to. almost 13" inches of screen is plenty of room to operate at a much more affordable rate.

 Tattoo Smart has some very useful brushes to help out with some of the most common details needed for tattoo deigns, i.e.= chain and rope.The Apple pencil is necessary to gain the full potential of the brushes capabilities.If you're a tattoo artist these are a must have, you can save so much time whipping out line work and and multiple variations of your design.

 Pro Create comes with a variety of stock brush options to render any textures you might need.Even with the Tattoo specific brushes I purchased, I often use brushes from the Pro Create pallette. Easy to keep client files organized and deleting them when your finished. I generally keep 30ish files at all times between my personal art projects and client projects with no lag in the apps operation, however, I have noticed picture quality drops severely if the project sits idle for a period of time as well as shrinking the project on the page if you close your project out, then return to it later and bring image back up to the page size.

 I tend to have my reference pic(s) open on the page as I work on the project and will shrink the ref pics down as to no not interfere with my work surface. same with any drawings I've created. With the ref pics I just delete the fuzzy one and re-insert it from my files, you may want to save any projects that you have enough time or when line quality matters for generating a stencil worthy copy.

Click Here to see Ipad time lapse and video of finished tattoo

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