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Createx Airbrush Paint

Posted by mike on April 1, 2018 at 1:15 AM

  For those of you just getting into airbrushing and are over whelmed with what type of paint you should use??, First have to define what you are painting? Textile, Plastic, Automotive etc. Some paint is substrate specific. Createx is the best all around paint you could invest your money into and eliminate the need for stocking several different systems.

 It's water based mix is eco freindly no matter where you reside in the world and eliminates the need for special equipment, like explosion proof lighting and exhaust. A simple dust mask will protect your breathing and is a lot more comfortable than organic particles respirators and masks.I still have paint from Createx's original line thats well over 20 years old. as long as its stored correctly the shelf life is damn near indefinite, however, I will have to strain some of the older bottles. If you mix them once in a while you can prevent most of the thickening issue as well as adding a little retarder and water as required by stored paint viscosity.

However, If you're painting textile's, I prefer Aqua Flow's white and black. for some reason the tip dry on these two colors is less than any other brands, especially the white.

 Createx can be clear cloated with almost any type. I've used Urethane, water based, cut in clear, and schlack rsins over createx with great results on surfaces requiring a sturdy top coat. as far as shirts, etc. a basic heat set will get the job done for color fast, Although I reccomend a clam style heat press for best results, especially on thicker garments like denim, a good clothes iron and a run through the dryer on high setting gives an adequate result as well.

  For the following 2 methods let garment dry before heat setting, you can speed up the process by using a hair dryer.

 " Pro Tip - using a hair dryer during the application of paint, particularily with white highlights, will help build up the pigment to over power the underlying color."

  - If you use a clothes iron; use a thin peice of fabric between the iron and airbrushed garment to avoid leaving the shape of the hot iron on your painted shirt.

  - If you use a clothes dryer- turn garment inside out before running.

 You can check out some of my Airbrushed projects in My Gallery

 and Shop for Airbrush supplies and acrylic airbrush paint systems on my Art Supplies/Shop for paint link.

 If you have any Airbrush related Q:'s, leave it in the comments and I'll answer up.

 - NeckBone



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