color tattoos color tattoos hot rod caricature tattoo hot rod caricature tattoo 140394645 joker wind up teeth 204752551 dragon from Majik gathering 204752550 japanese sleeve with chest plate 204752613 cica survive hotair baloon tattoo 129462351 scorpion on the neck 204752581 seashell memorial tattoo 204752582 starfish tattoo 153335878 gator with crossed rifles 204752548 realistic red roses on the arm 204778441 sunflower on the hip 204752583 Puerto Rican flag 204752585 American and Confederate flag on arm 204752588 water color pink flamingo 204778442 Temple University owl 204752587 mystical dragon purple dragon on outside of thigh 136492824 half sleeve 79315071 trout tattoo rainbow, brooke and brown trout with lettering 136492822 mother and child sunset 204752586 blu paisley shark on ribs 204778443 cherry blossom branch tattoo 136492826 petite flower and vine on the foot 204752584 Realistic rose tattoo the name "Shawn" was already there and off center. I staggered the rest of the design to balance it out 89683565 Monarch Butterfly 58791597 Purple Butterfly tattoo 58791599 Neo Feet 58791584 Strawberry strawberry from across the universe, (great movie) 60066488 puzzle autism tattoo 129463081 fly tattoo old school fishing lure, fly 109473395 humming bird tattoo 97759729 AMER-IRISH Flags on Hockey Sticks tattoo Client request 58791605