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Here You will find the answers to the most common tatoo related topics. if you do not find your answer here, email your question to nbi@neckboneink.com

Tattoo Questions????

  1. Does it hurt?

     Yes, Tattoo's hurt. and more specifically where the tattoo is applied will depend on how much it hurts.

     Here are some sensitive areas to have a tattoo applied:

          That being said, if tattoos hurt that much no one would get them. it really comes down to the individual pain tolerance, which is different for everyone.

    Also, there are numbing agents for tattooing that help minimize sensativity of being tattooed.

  2. Covering Old Tattoos?

    Most tattoos can be covered up, however, some cover up pieces may require a second pass to completely cover old tattoo. Consult with artist before assuming it can or can't be covered up.

  3. How much does it cost?

    Tattoo prices vary and depend on:

        - location of tattoo, certain parts of the body are more time consuming and  will take longer to apply. More time = More $

        - Details, the more detail a piece of art has the longer it will take to apply. More time = More $

        - Size of the tattoo. bigger tattoos take longer, More time = More $

    To give you a rough idea of pricing large pieces;

      - Shoulder to elbow,(not all the way around), $600 upwards to $1300 for the more complex designs

     - True 1/2 sleeve, $1,500 upwards to $2,500

     - Full sleeve, $5,000 upwards to $15,000

                           Shop Rates Are Billed Per Session

                                                       $100 Minimum

                                              3hrs or less = $150.00 per hour

                                              3+hrs = $125 per hr


        Do Not select an artist by price alone, You Get What You Pay For.

        Before even asking how much for what it is you would like to get

        tattooed, Look at artist portfolio's and get an idea of the quality and

        range of style an artist has before asking a price.


        you will not win a new friend or a discount for letting your artist and or

        the shop know that the other shops are talking shit about them. That's

        what happens in this industry and 90% of it is just gossip created by the

        general public and customers.

         ALSO, there are no sympathy discounts for your buddy's handy work to

         be covered up. I do Not fix up anyone's practice work. cover it up

         with something new.

  4. Do I need to leave a Non Refundable Deposit?

    YES, This is not a hobby, but a serious business that the craftsman or craftswoman pays their bills with.We have families like the rest of the world and aspire all things in life for our family and children just as you may.

    *Deposits for tattoo appointments are Non Refundable, Expire 30 days from date, and are automatically forfeited without 48 hours notice of appointment cancellation and/or rescheduling. In addition, If your tattoo requires more than 1 session, Deposit is deducted from the last session of completed tattoo.

    *1 "Rescheduled Appointment" allowed per deposit, more than 1 "Rescheduled Appointment" with out paying another "Deposit" is at artist discretion.

    *$50 late fee may also be applied if more than 1/2 hour late for your appointment.

    And remember;

    "Cheap Tattoos Aren't Good, & Good Tattoos Aern't Cheap"

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Tattoo Aftercare

  1. How should I take care of my new tattoo

      The following insrtuctions are to be followed for proper, safe healing of your new tattoo and not intended as medical professional advice. If at any time you are in doubt or unaware of the healing process for a new tattoo, feel free to call us, (484) 328-8760 and/or seek medical attention as you feel necessary.               

                                                      Derma Shield

          - Leave Derma Shield on for 3 days

          - on 3rd day remove Derma Shield by peeling from the edge slowly while under running  warm water, and wash with mild scent free soap.

          - Gently Pat dry with a clean towel and air dry for 5-10 minutes

          - After newly tattooed area is dry, apply a thin coat of fragarant free lotion. Apply lotion 2-3 times daily as dryness requires. continue to moisturize daily for 2 weeks.

                                   What to look for when using Derma Shield

     If you have any allergies to adheasives, you may be more susceptible to allergies using this product.

       - The newly tattooed area will seep in the hours after process is complete, The Derma Shield will trap the fluids from escaping covered area and in the process appear very wet, this is normal. 

       -The edges of the Derma Shield may become rolledor ruffled from clothing friction. etc., as long as trapped fluids arent escaping covering or water/soap entering the tattooed area under the Derma Shield and becoming trapped, leave Derma Shield in place for optimal results in accellerated healing, allowing the new ink to heal back into the skin for best ink retention.

       - If you experience any discomfort such as severe itchiness and/or redness in the applied and/or adjacent ares of the Derma Shield, Remove and wash with mild scent free soap, pat dry and air dry until tattoo is completely dried out.

       - Follow After Care instructions listed below.     

    Remove bandage 1 1/2 - 2 hrs after tattoo application.

      - It is Very Important to wash tattoo immediately  removing any blood and ink then, apply ointment. We have for sale and recommend our products specifically approved for healing tattoos. If you're not using tattoo specific healing products, use A&D ointment sparingly.

      - Do Not cover with bandage again unless you absolutely have to in

        avoiding exposure to potentially dirty situations. Afterward, remove

        bandage, wash, reapply ointment

     DO:  Keep your new tattoo clean and moist

        - Do Not use your daily bath towel to dry fresh tattoo. Use a clean paper

          towel and pat dry.

        - Do Not use dirty hands when applying fresh layer of ointment.

           whenever possible wash old layer of A&D ointment off before applying

           new layer. If you don't wash in between adding new layer , you run the

           risk of trapping anything you might have exposed the tattoo to

           between layers.

        - Do Not use lotion until day 4 of healing

           Lotion has very little to no medicinal value and is more likely to

           cause an allergic reaction or blood poisoning. ONLY USE approved

           tattoo aftercare products on your new tattoo.

        - Do Not directly expose new tattoo to dirty environments

          i.e.= Automobile work, Landscaping, etc.If exposure is unavoidable,

                  the best method is to wear a loose fitting shirt/ long sleeve while

                  performing work then, wash tattoo and apply more ointment. The last

                  resort method of barrier would be to use a bandage or paper

                  towel to cover. keep in mind the tattoo needs oxygen to promote

                  proper healing.

     DO: Keep moist by applying a thin layer of  ointment 3-5 times daily

             as dryness requires.

            - Do Not over-saturate new tattoo with ointment. In this case ;

               Less is more. if new ink is over-saturated you run the risk of

               infection due to the oxygen being blocked and not providing the

               balance of dry and moist, Also the body's natural reaction is to

               reject the ink, so if it is unable to dry out as it heals , ink retention

               declines and you will most likely need a rework . at your cost of

               course, due to lack of proper aftercare, which is out of the artists


            - Do Not allow your new tattoo to become excessively dry or you

              will experience heavy scabbing and can lose ink. In the scab is ink.

            - Do Not pick at scabs because in the scab is ink. if you pull a scab

              prematurely you will lose ink in the area it was picked from.

            - Do Not expose new tattoo to prolonged periods of direct sun light

              or UV (tanning beds). This by far is one of the most damaging things

              you can do to a new tattoo. Keep out of direct sunlight and tanning

              for a minimum of 3-4 weeks. After tattoo is completely healed, you

              should protect the tattooed area of body by applying a higher SPF

              sun block.

            - Do Not expose new tattoo to swimming pools and Jacuzzi.

              Pools and jacuzzi have a ton of tattoo damaging chemicals such

              as chlorine and acid, which essentially is bleach. Thats exactly what

              will happen to your new tattoo, you will bleach it by premature 

              exposure to these chemicals.3-4 weeks before you can safely

              expose fresh ink to these environments.

  2. Is it normal for ink to come out of my new tattoo?

    Yes, it is normal for a new tattoo to lose a minimal amount of ink in the first couple days of healing. very little though. be sure not to over-saturate tattoo with A&D ointment. A fresh tattoo needs a combination of light coats of A&D ointment and oxygen (air) to properly heal.

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